Prenatal Program: Bump2Baby

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Bump2Baby is our Physiotherapist instructed Prenatal Program which comprises all aspects of health and fitness to support you through your pregnancy and prepare you for the challenges the delivery and motherhood.

Our program may include some or all of the following:

  • Antenatal assessment: This will be your first meeting with your Physiotherapist. The session involves: screening for potential spinal and pelvic joint injuries/weaknesses; assessment of all injuries,aches and pains; education on pelvic floor exercises; assessment and guidance for issues such as abdominal separation; best evidence-based education for safe exercise during pregnancy; advice about correct postural habits.
  • Physiotherapy manual therapy: if you have an injury, back pain or other joint pain that needs attention. This may include joint mobilisation or muscle release techniques (massage) to restore your full movement and reduce pain. Common pains we see are back ache, pubic bone pain (pubic symphysis joint dysfunction), pelvic joint (sacroiliac joint) dysfunction, hip pain and foot issues.
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation: Symptoms of pelvic floor weakness commonly arise during pregnancy and into the postnatal period. We will equip you with the skills and guidelines you need to avoid issues such as incontinence and muscle weakness.
  • Provision of abdominal supports, tubigrip, pelvic and lumbar braces or supports. It is important these are fitted by your women’s health physiotherapist to ensure correct fit and use, and also to assist you deciding if these are the best options for you.
  • Exercise: We can provide you with a guided introduction into an exercise program whether it be 1:1 closely supervised exercise, group exercise or prescription of an independent exercise program – whatever works best for you! We can also write you safe and effective gym and home exercise programs with progressions through each stage.
  • Clinical Pilates: Clinical Pilates will provide you with focused attention and specific exercises to address your individual needs. It is a fantastic way to manage the changes that will occur to your body throughout your pregnancy with valuable education and advice provided along the way. We will focus on pelvic floor and abdominal muscle issues, prevention/management of pelvic and back injuries, preparation for breastfeeding and postural stresses and guidance to prepare you for the postnatal period. Click on the link below for further Clinical Pilates


Congratulations on your exciting pregnancy news! We are so excited to be part of this special time in your life!

Prenatal Classes

Specialised PRENATAL WOMEN ONLY classes has arrive at the Physiotherapy, Pilates & Health Centre. This class will be taken by our experienced physiotherapists and utilises Clinical Pilates principles/equipment with a particular focus on pregnancy specific issues such as pelvic floor muscle weakness, abdominal separation and preparation for delivery and life as a mum! Call 9077 2885 to reserve your spot today.

Recommended Links

Our Bump2Baby program is instructed by Physiotherapists Michelle Henneman and Elizabeth Elsbury.

Both these ladies have an abundance of experience in the field of maternal health physiotherapy. Click on the links below for more information:

Dietitian Loren Chambers also has a special interest in prenatal nutrition. She can assist you in ensuring you ar receiving adequate nutrition whilst controlling safe weight gain.