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Michelle Henneman (Djoneff)

Michelle graduated with an honours degree in Physiotherapy at La Trobe University in 2006. Since then she has worked in multiple private practices which has developed her expertise in managing all orthopaedic injuries. Her primary interests include Sports Physiotherapy with a specific interest in hip and spinal injury management. Her other primary area of interest is the field of Women’s Health with a specific focus on prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy. She has worked extensively at clinics focussing on both of these specialised areas. Prior to working in a private practice setting, Michelle worked at The Alfred Hospital in a variety of clinical areas including orthopaedics, trauma, chronic diseases, cardio-respiratory rehabilitation and general medical units. This has developed her vast knowledge and management to assist in her current practices for all kinds of patients with a diversity of injuries and medical conditions. Her honours thesis was based on muscle activation patterns for shoulder multi-directional instability which has grown her treatment and rehabilitation for complex shoulder injuries.

As a previous elite athlete herself, Michelle has a deep appreciation of the demands placed on athletes. Michelle has achieved a State and National level in middle to long distance running, triathlon and swimming. In her spare time she keeps fit with a combination of running, gym, Clinical Pilates and surfing.

Michelle has also worked for many years in the fitness industry. She has taken many different classes over the years including Les Mills Body Attack, ‘Golden Oldies’ for older adults, prenatal and postnatal exercise programs and personal training. Since graduating university she has also done post-graduate study in Clinical Pilates and has been taking classes for over a decade at different clinics around Melbourne, with excellent results seen in her patients.  Michelle completed post-graduate study in the field of Sports Physiotherapy at La Trobe University in 2016 (Grad. Certificate Sports Physio) and is due to complete her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy in 2018.

Michelle’s primary interests include:

  • Assessment, treatment and ongoing care of all orthopaedic injuries with a holistic and ‘big picture’ approach to her management.

  • Low back pain and pelvic disorder management, postural evaluation and manual therapy.

  • Management of complicated hip injuries including real-time ultrasound imaging for muscle retraining.

  • Maternal health services including injury management and exercise programming for prenatal and postnatal periods

  • Real time ultrasound imaging of core muscles in conjunction with a progressive rehabilitation program.

  • Treatment and load-management strategies of hip and groin pain in athletes.

  • Shoulder assessment and focussed rehabilitation.

  • Wrist and elbow splinting for a variety of different conditions.

  • Foot and ankle injuries including Achilles tendinopathy, ankle sprains and foot conditions.  She also conducts a Camboot fitting service at the Physiotherapy, Pilates & Health Centre

  • Running analysis and technique advice including liaison with local podiatrists for footwear advice.

  • Swimming technique advice and swimming injury management.

  • Exercise programming, Clinical Pilates, and other programs for specific groups such as older adults, prenatal and postnatal women.

Michelle Henneman Physiotherapist Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy with honours (B. Pthy hons)

  • Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy G.Cert Sports Physio (2016)

    Currently finishing Masters of Sports Physiotherapy (La Trobe University)

  • Clinical Pilates Instructor (DMA)

  • Fitness Instructor (Fitnation)

  • Body Attack Instructor (Les Mills)

  • Fitballates (Founder)

Departments: Clinical Pilates Instructor, Director, Senior Physiotherapist
positions:Director, Senior Physiotherapist,
Procedures: Back Pain, Hip and Groin Pain, Maternal Health, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Running Injuries, Shoulder Injuries, Sports Injuries, Women’s health
Degree: Bachelor of Physiotherapy with honours (B. Pthy hons), Currently undertaking Masters of Sports Physiotherapy (La Trobe University), Clinical Pilates Instructor (DMA), Fitness Instructor (Fitnation), Body Attack Instructor (Les Mills), Fitballates (Founder)
Working days: Monday